Climate Change poses one of the greatest threats to marine environments worldwide and presents a global issue which is placing increasing pressure on whale populations and requires global action. The Humpback and Southern Right Whales International Conservation Status is recognise as ‘threatened’. The major concerns for baleen whales, as a migratory species, are from pressures that climate change may exert on their food resources beyond the boundaries of the Australia’s Whale Sanctuary Zone.

Our Company’s Action to Reduce Emissions and Promote Sustainable Business Practices

Oz Whale Watching and Sydney Princess Cruises have taken steps to tackle climate change by reducing our carbon emissions:

  • We minimise waste, recycle and use recycled products and materials wherever possible.
  • We measure and track our carbon footprint via a Government endorsed emissions calculator.
  • We participate in the Wild About Whales Sightings Network Whale Migration Monitoring Program.
  • Our vessel is serviced regularly to maintain optimum fuel efficiency.
  • Charter and Tour Activities have minimal impact and promote the unique value of our environment.
  • We provide ongoing financial assistance to marine conservation projects and support community fundraising events.



Every year more than one million travellers cross international borders. Sustainable tourism can enable visitors actions to count and transform one billion travellers into one billion opportunities for sustainable development around the world.

Oz Whale Watching and Sydney Princess Cruises encourage our guests to join in:

  • Increasing environmental practices, such as using energy saving appliances, low energy bulb, reduction of waste and litter and use the environmentally friendly detergents into daily living.
  • Choosing to measure travel emissions through organisations such as Climate Friendly who provide emissions calculators and offsets which contribute to the growth of the renewable energy.
  • Becoming involved and supporting the work of not for profit conservation organisations.


Oz Whale Watching contributes to the Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre who rescue and rehabilitate sick and injured marine turtles, via patient sponsorship. Patient sponsorship provides for the turtles food bill while in the centre and enables tourism businesses and their guests to engage and support turtle conservation and research.

We currently sponsor a juvenile Green Turtle named Jude, who was found far up on a beach in Cape Tribulation, suffering starvation. Starvation has become one of the major issues for turtle health as after the impact of several cyclones in Queensland, sea grass their primary food source has become scarce.

We will keep everyone and our guests posted on Jude’s condition and journey to release via our Facebook page


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