Whale Watching Tour Packages


All aboard as we set sail out through Sydney Heads to find pods of breathtaking humpback whales as they make their journey on the northern and southern migrations. This is Sydneys best value for money whale watching experience.


The Experience:

We offer the most value packed whale watching cruises in Sydney that are fun for people of all ages, with either a hot breakfast or BBQ buffet lunch included in your experience.

You will receive

  • Whale watching experience with full live commentary, learn interesting facts about whales and their habitat
  • Sydney Harbour cruise with full commenatry of Sydney Harbour and its surrounds
  • Either a hot breakfast or BBQ lunch depending on which cruise you choose is included as you cruise down the harbour on your way to see the whales.
  • Passionate crew who love what they do and cant wait to give you an awesome experience
  • Free return trip if you don’t see whales (Conditions apply*).

Brekkie With The Whales!! May to November           

Breakfast cruises with the whales are available throughout the Sydney Whale Watching season. If you would like to see mothers and calfs then spring is the perfect time to come out and see the new born babies with their Mums as they make their first migration of the new life to the Southern Ocean. The baby whale calves and their Mothers will soon be making the trip back down past Sydney, so now is your chance to come out and see them in a really unique experience.

The babies are fantastic to see because just like any young child, when its playtime, its playtime. Except with these little or should we say, not so little guys weighing in at around 2 tons by the time they get to Sydney when its time to play it becomes 2 tons of mega playtime. You may get to witness the mothers teaching their young different life skills – school starts early for the calves as they learn how to survive and communicate.

The baby normally stays pretty close to Mum all the time and she will nurture and direct it. At different stages of the migration the mother will be teaching the baby all of the humpback species antics that they are renowned for. As they travel south the babies strength will increase by feeding on approximately 200+ litres of its’ mothers milk a day!!

The calf will learn things by watching its Mum who will be teaching it actions like peduncle throws, head slapping, pectoral fin slapping, tail slapping, fluke up dive, head lunge and of course the almighty breach.

The cruise will incorporate all of our other great inclusions

  • Sydney Harbour Cruise with full live commentary
  • Whale watch experience with full live commentary
  • Qualified crew to take care of you on the day
  • Hot breakfast served during your harbour cruise
  • Free return trip if you don’t see whales (Conditions apply*).

This cruise is really a great opportunity to get out and see these babies in their natural environment. The cruise runs from 8.15am – 12.15pm which allows you to be back in time for the rest of the day.


Whale Watching BBQ Lunch Cruise – May to November

Seeing these giant mammals of the sea has the ability to change your whole view on life. The gracefulness, the peacefulness, the playfulness, the curiosity, the showmanship and the awesome power of a humpback whale is something everyone should witness in their lifetime.
Whale watching is an exhilarating adventure, seeing these incredible creatures frolicking and swimming in the ocean is an awe-inspiring treat that you will remember forever! Breaching, tail slaps, spy hopping, fluke dives and peduncle throws are all some of the great moves you may see from the whales on their migrations. The whale population is increasing each year and and this year there is 30,000 plus whales expected to migrate past Sydney, which gives great opportunity to see them as Sydney is on their migration routes. Whale watching season runs from May-November. From May – August the whales are on their Northern migration to Tropical North Queensland and then from mid August – November they are on their southern migration back to the Antarctic along with their new born calves, the little calves are just gorgeous.


  • The cruise will incorporate all of our other great inclusions
  • Sydney Harbour Cruise with full live commentary
  • Whale Watching experience with live commentary
  • Qualified Crew to take care of you on the day
  • BBQ Buffet Lunch on-board
  • Free return trip if you don’t see whales (Conditions Apply).




Group Bookings:

Enquire with us about our special group rate offers. Group bookings are based on minimum numbers and allow you to an exclusive vessel, just for your group.

Corporate Specials:

We offer whale watching deals and specials for corporate group bookings; great for team building and bringing your work colleagues closer together.

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Please note departure times are the times the vessel will leave the wharf, please allow ample to time to arrive and check in.

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